IRS problems – Collection Issues

Khristina Ramirez, CTEC
Alpha Tax Resolution
Phone: 480-885-7488

Alpha Tax Resolution specializes in resolving IRS collection issues including guidance through these complicated rules, payment plans and submitting offer in compromises (OIC) to settle back IRS debts.  Khristina Ramirez, the principal, has been in the tax resolution industry since 2010.   She has learned from some of the best tax resolution firms and experts practicing in this specialized area. She has attended many tax seminars and has incurred hundreds of hours of one-on-one coaching to earn the right to be called a professional.  But her genuine care for her clients has proven she has the right approach in assisting with IRS tax problems and collection issues.

Khristina started her own business in 2021 with Alpha Tax Resolution to be able to add value to taxpayers by helping them to overcome their unresolved tax issues. After having determined what works best, she set out to make that her business model.   She took what she learned over the years and created a tax resolution firm that was more practical and efficient for her clients.

Over the years, Khristina has settled many cases for taxpayers including securing hundreds of settled offer in compromises being approved.  This has saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars to-date through knowledge of multiple tax programs available and listening to the client’s needs.